We Need To Talk About The Granny Hair Trend

So we’ve seen people dying their hair gray or, generously, “silver” for a while and we tried to ignore it because it’s ugly. Recently this has become a full on trend, dubbed “Granny hair” by some faceless person and it’s pretty gross.

Aside from the obvious question of why on earth, there are a few points to address here.

  1. It does not look good. Gray hair may look okay if you’re actually going gray aka if you're 60. It looks unnatural and strange when you’re twenty-two.
  2. Maybe a carefully posed statement Instagram will make you look edgy, but when you’re getting brunch hungover on Sunday, your statement gray hair will look absolutely terrifying. Don’t do that to people's eyes.
  3. Lol, it’ll grow out and you’ll have a whole different situation on your hands.
  4. Kelly Osbourne did it – like a while ago. And you know who else did it? Jay Manuel. In 2002.

Even though bad hair trends are a part of life – we wish they weren’t. Is it too much to ask not to live in a world with amateur ombrés and half grown skrillex cuts walking the street? And now we have to deal with self-induced aging passed off as trendy and “on point”? SMH. I don't need to see your regrets on top of  your head.


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