We Need To Talk About Miley’s Armpit Hair

Over the weekend Miley Cyrus instagrammed a couple of photos that show a nice bush under her arms.  Ew.  We've put up with Miley's ridiculousness on social media for a good long time, but it's time for an intervention. The pizza pictures, the candy necklaces, and especially the armpit hair have got to stop.

Some of you (why are you reading this site) will undoubtedly call us out for body-shaming, but let me be clear: I don't give a fuck if you're fat, skinny, or anywhere in between, armpit hair is not cute when you're a 22-year old popstar with millions of followers on Instagram.  If you're going to go on stage wearing a leotard, I expect that you're properly groomed.

Tbh Miley just needs to chill with the stoner vibes and make some music, we're all over it.


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