We Need To Talk About Katy Perry’s Cheeto Costume

Besides being a football fan (eye roll), it’s a well-documented fact that Katy Perry’s greatest skill is trying way too hard to get people to like her. I mean, no one shoots whipped cream out of her boobs if she’s not desperate for some friends.  She literally made an entire movie so people would know how #chill she is, so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that she tried way too hard on Halloween this year.  In true Katy-cat fashion, she threw out the Halloween rulebook and wore a fucking Flamin’ Hot Cheeto costume.

The problem with the Cheeto costume isn’t just that it goes against everything betches know about diets, it’s that Katy Perry is so damn annoying all the time.  Like, I get that the Cheeto is original and funny, but it’s not that original when it’s basically the only food left that she hasn’t dressed up as.  She’s been a cupcake, popcorn, an ice cream sundae, cotton candy, pizza, and even an egg.  A FUCKING EGG.  We get it Katy, you love junk food, but the only thing worse than a fat bitch is a skinny bitch that won’t shut the fuck up about how much she eats.  UGH.  I guess Katy the Cheeto and Taylor the unicorn will just have to fight about who had the dumbest costume this year.





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