We Need to Talk About Jay-Z’s New Music Streaming Company Tidal

Jay-Z apparently wasn't making enough money from his music career, production company, and clothing line, so he decided to buy this company Tidal, which is like the European version of Spotify. The difference is that there is no free version like on Spotify and Pandora, because Jay-Z doesn't think that art should be free and that people should “recognize its value.” Which is pretty much exactly what Kanye said when Beck won his Grammy.

Basically, you either pay $10 for regular or $20 for “high definition sound,” which I'm calling bullshit on. You need HD music for a concert, not for a pregame or sex music. But nice try Jay-Z. The musicians get a certain percentage of what people pay for Tidal, so the money-hungry like Taylor Swift are hype. Speaking of which, all of her albums except for 1989 are on Tidal. What the fuck? I'm not paying $10 to listen to “Back to December.”

Anyways, Jay-Z had a huge release party early this week where Rihanna stared at Nicki Minaj's boobs in a couple of photos – it was exactly as weird as it sounds. Basically, musicians finally figured out a way to overcome people listening to their music for free – RIP LimeWire.

But this whole thing is just an Illuminati cover up. Imagine if Kanye, Beyonce, and Madonna pull all of their songs off Spotify – that's a dark thought. If Jay-Z controls music streaming, he'll pretty much control the music industry, and by extension the world. The real question is if he'd be King Jay-Z or King Carter.




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