We Asked The Kardashians' Jeweler About The Trends Celebs Are Wearing

Jewelry trends tend to come and go, so it can be tough to decide what you want to actually invest in when it comes to a good quality piece of jewelry. That’s why we spoke to celebrity jeweler, George the Jeweler, just in time for summer, to tell us what trends he loves, what he hates, and what’s on the horizon. If you’re not familiar with George by name, you’ve definitely seen his work. Remember Khloé Kardashian’s iconic 14k gold True nameplate necklace? Yeah, that was created by George the Jeweler. The Detroit-based jeweler has designed for the likes of Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Ashley Graham, and has a line with Christina Milian. And, as the largest gold wholesaler in Detroit, he definitely knows his sh*t. Is rose gold over? Are chokers too basic to wear anymore? And is he designing anything for Psalm West? Read on for the answers to these questions and many more.

On How He Got Started

It’s a family business, my dad brought it over from the middle east forever ago, thirty, forty years ago, and me, my sister, and my brother-in-law, we all kind of work together. We’re the largest wholesalers in Michigan, so that’s why I was able to start with it and do what I do.

On How He Made The Leap To Designing For Celebrities

So it started with my friend Symon. She is a radio host and a singer, and I started designing for her, and then I started working with Aaron Carter, [and] working with Christina [Milian] who’s now one of my best friends. When one door opens, a lot open—that kind of situation.

On His Line With Christina Milian

Christina and I connected maybe like, 4 years ago, 5 years ago? And we just immediately hit it off. Like, I started making her stuff, and then we started talking all the time, and like, we’re best friends now. And she’s really creative, so we just started designing things.

We’re going to get into some men’s stuff. We’re also looking for new trends, both of us are fortunate to be in a position where people kind of look up to [us] as a trendsetter. Whatever we go with pretty much works out, so we’re constantly designing. I mean, there’s so much to do in the future, we’re both so excited.


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On His Predictions For Spring And Summer Trends

I’m getting the sense of bigger, bolder pieces for this summer. Maybe because we were doing all the layering, which I think is a trend that’s gonna stick, I think people love the layering look, it’s been around for a while. But I’m also starting to see, like, the other day Kim Kardashian was wearing a giant huge gold chain. And I think I’m starting to see [a] move towards a little bit bigger and bolder.

I do love working with diamonds… and I think that’s fun because sometimes the gold craze is out, and sometimes it’s up. Right now I feel rose gold and gold are really at the top of their game, and white gold is kinda just for your wedding ring.

On Whether Rose Gold Is Overdone

I love rose gold. I’m like, particular about my rose gold, I think it’s pink, delicate. I think it became mainstream when apple released the rose gold iPhone. And all of a sudden rose gold became mainstream.

On Jewelry Trends That Are On The Way Out

I don’t know, gemstones just feel like, old school and like, I don’t know how long gemstones and all the [colorful] stuff is gonna last. Just from a jeweler’s perspective, I know everybody loves the colors and all that… I don’t know, I’m curious myself.

On Chokers

I love the choker, I think that it’s a great piece. You can dress it up, you can dress it down, I think chokers are here to stay.

On The ‘True’ Necklace He Made For Khloé Kardashian

So, that happened… oh my gosh, I’ve made so much for Khloe. That happened when she had the baby and the name first leaked. I remember I was talking to her assistant and I was like oh, I want to design something for Khloe, something special, this Old English nameplate thing is trending, I’m going to make it really beautiful, so one thing led to another, I sent her a picture, and she was like oh my god, I die for it.

A good story about Khloé, was when Gabbana died (her dog), [Khloé’s] assistant reached out to me and she was like, “Gabbana passed, so I want to do something really cool, like Khloé wants to get something cool for Kendall, so can we do something with the paw print, because the vet gave us the paw print?” And I was like, “you know what? Let’s take that and let’s literally imprint it on a gold medallion.” And as soon as I got that to her it was all over the press, like PEOPLE magazine wrote about it, and that was a crazy story. Her and her sisters are so sweet.

On Whether He’ll Do Anything For Psalm West

I would love to. So I made Kim some stuff… [but] Kanye West has some jewelry things going on. But I would obviously love to make [something for] Kim. I made [pieces for] Kris, Kourtney, Kendall, Khloé, so that was cool.

On What Pieces Everyone Should Have

I think there are certain jewelry pieces that are classic and timeless, that every woman should have. I do think that there are pieces everyone should have, diamond tennis bracelet being one of them.

On What Else He Has In The Pipeline

Christina and I are working on a reality show… we’re in the pitching phase. We’re finishing that up, the whole concept. It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be really good. [Aside from] the reality show, my own jewelry line, running my family business, constantly designing, constantly. What else do I have going on? I have too much, I have too much going on. [But] I love it. Absolutely. Honestly, I feel like I love my job, and that’s why I’ve been able to get where I am. I feel like when you love something it shows.


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