Way Famous Afghan Girl Busted For Fake ID

Even though you probably have never touched a National Geographic, and more than probably weren’t alive in 1985 when this issue came out, you’d have to be blind or live in North Korea to have never seen this picture. Maybe you were admiring her tan, wondering if she had tinted contacts in, jealous of her unreal death stare or just wondering wtf’s the deal. The same chick (now woman in her 40s) just got busted for having a fake ID in Pakistan. Incase you didn’t already guess, we’re not talking about the type of fake you get from your sister or in an envelope from China.

You don’t need to watch the news to know that things are pretty shitty in Afghanistan. Apparently its been like that since the 80s or around whenever the “Afghan Girl” pic was taken at a refugee camp in Pakistan (Afghanistan’s next door and slightly less fucked up neighbor). Now, the 12 year old in the pic is 40 something and like many other Afghan natives, still avoiding their homeland like the plague, hiding out in Pakistan.

Basically the former cover girl has an identification card saying that she is a Pakistani citizen even though she isn’t. A lot of people do this via paying government officials off etc but everyones freaking out now because they realized she’s famous af. The photographer who took her picture in the first place hunted her down in 2002 and until then she didn’t even know that one of the most circulated photos in the world was of her, casual.


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