Watching Funny YouTube Videos Makes You More Productive and Other Health News

Watching funny videos might boost productivity

And your boss thought you were just being lazy…

A recent study measured the brain activity of 31 individuals as they watched a funny video, and compared these results to when they watched a stressful video. Results showed that watching the funny video activated every part of the brain. This increase in activity is likely to boost “recall and reorganization,” or cause people to feel more refreshed and capable of solving problems. Bottom line: humor is therapeutic and you shouldn’t have to apologize for spending all afternoon watching funny cat videos on the internet. If your boss confronts you about this, tell him you’re just trying to be more productive. Those excel docs can wait, your brain health cannot. Read article>>

Calling a young girl fat might actually make her fatter 

A new study put out by UCLA suggests that if a girl is called “fat” at age 10 she is more likely to be obese once she hits her late teens. The research followed a total of 2,379 girls over a period of 9 years. At age 10, 58 percent of participants reported that they had been labeled as “fat.” When the girls’ measurements were taken at age 19, results showed that those 58 percent were 1.66 percent more likely to be obese. As one doctor put it, in young girls, “Experiencing or anticipating weight stigma increases stress and can lead to over eating.” In other words, we don’t hate them they’re fat. They’re fat because we hate them. Read article>>

An injection promises to get rid of your double chin

Speaking of being fat, a new injection offers the first “non surgical option to eliminate fat under the chin,” experts say. The formula, ATX-101, is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring molecule, deoxycholic acid, that aids in the break down of dietary fat. Essentially, the molecule will destroy fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.  The formula is currently in the late stages of clinical trials, having already tested 2,500 participants in both the U.S. and Canada. This is cool, but what will we do in a world without double chins? Our funny fat friends won’t be as funny, snap chat will never be the same, and an Instagram selfie will be an even worse indicator of what a person’s actual body looks like.  Watch out, bros. A girl might have a skinny looking face, but that might just be the tip of a giant, chemically injected iceberg. Read article>>


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