Watch Taylor Swift Awkwardly Sing and High-Five Prince William

Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi performed at the Winter White Gala (to benefit kids who can't read good?) at Kensington Palace last night, and it seems like Taylor can't get on a fucking stage without causing an international uproar. Things started out okay, with William singing along to Living on a Prayer sort of-kind of-the best he could without actually knowing the words.

But then shit hit the fan because Taylor gave Prince William a high five, which is apparently a big British no-no. Actually it was a very awkward double high five, but I don't think anyone's upset about the awkwardness as much as everyone knows it's NOT OKAY to high five the future king of England. I mean, he will wear a CROWN one day. God Taylor, can we take you anywhere!?!

Personally, we have no issue with the high five. We have issue with the fact that Taylor's arms are flailing about as if independent from her body.

PS. Bon Jovi is starting to look just like Rod Stewart.


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