Watch Sasha and Malia Obama Not Give A Fuck About Turkey Pardoning

ICYMI, President Obama pardoned two turkeys this year (the president does it every year, and yeah it's boring as fuck). He made Sasha and Malia show up and they DGAF.

First of all, their outfits scream “I'm going to lunch and Anthropologie with my friends after this, so stop wasting my time.” They also have two of the best resting betch faces this country has seen since Suri Cruise circa 2012.

Obama proceeded to make dad jokes for a solid 5 minutes, and his daughters were not having it. He asked Malia if she wanted to pet the turkey, to which she rightfully responded “nah.”  We've all been there girls, at least when it happens during our Thanksgivings we have vodka tonics to turn to.


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