Watch Christina Aguilera Impersonate Her Frenemies (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera decided to film a promo for the new season of The Voice – gag me with a spoon before I watch that show. In the video, she impersonates a bunch of female pop stars, and the word impersonates is a loose term. That being said, there are very few other retired, female pop stars, starring on singing competition shows that have this type of range (sorry Mel B).

Just because you wear a leotard and hair nubbins doesn't make you Miley Cyrus. Seriously, I could have a better fake Southern accent with a weed induced drawl after watching 3 episodes of Hannah Montana.

Her Lady Gaga is decent, mostly because I haven't heard Lady Gaga speak since 2011.

I don't know anything about Shakira other than her abs and brutally honest hips, so I'll give the win to Xtina.



She nails Britney Spears being a fucking idiot, but she should have gone with X-Factor Brit not 1990s Brit.

Her Cher voice is 10/10. She's ready to go if she ever needs to be a drag queen.

She looks phenomenal in cropped black pants and a giant blonde wig, so I guess that means her Sia impersonation was perfect.


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