Watch Carrie Underwood’s VERY BAD Wiz Khalifa Cover

Carrie Underwood was performing and decided that the world needed a cover of Wiz Khalifa's “See You Again.” Obvi she heard about Ed Sheeran's “Trap Queen” cover and thought she could top it, hint: she was wrong. Anyway, it sounds exactly like what would happen if you tried to do the rap in “See You Again” at karaoke about 17 shots deep.

She fucks up the lyrics; she can't keep the beat; and the crowd was not amused. So like, every Justin Bieber concert. Basically she sounds as white as an Instagram of your mimosa and Eggs Benedict from Father's Day Brunch captioned “Always Daddy's Little Girl.”

Let's hope Carrie was blackout, because she's not going to want to remember this.




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