Watch Ariana Grande Lick Display Donuts And Claim She Hates America


We've been predicting it since the first time we saw her on Victorious, Ariana Grande's high-pony tail finally gave her brain damage. That, or her friends like to play truth or dare in public. Either way, it's not ideal.

Through security footage we see Ariana in a donut store getting full from thinking about eating a donut when she and a friend randomly start licking donuts on display. Besides the 60000 calories and fear of becoming a midwesterner, this is the third reason to never soberly eat a donut. She super aggressively asks the cashier “What the fuck are those” in reference to a tray of donuts. It seems pretty fucking obvious what they are; more sugar covered carbs for Ariana to lick, duh.

The ultimate weirdness arrives when Ariana says that she hates Americans and America. Awks. We all knew that she was a diva (see: anyone of her meltdowns with fans) but this takes it to a whole new level. Classic Ariana – we got one more problem with her.


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