Watch 2 Chainz And Nancy Grace Debate Pot Legalization

Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz (aka Tity Boi, phenomenal name btw) had a debate about legalizing pot, which tbh Nancy you've already lost (see Colorado and Washington). Here's a breakdown of the debate:

Round 1: Outfits

Nancy Grace looks like an evil step-mother in a Disney movie.

2 Chainz looks like an English professor at a liberal arts college who likes to lecture while high and wrote his first book while on an acid trip.

Winner: 2 Chainz

Round 2: Arguments

Nancy Grace: Some bad parents also smoke pot, so therefore, people who smoke pot are bad parents.

2 Chainz: People who are bad parents are bad parents for a bunch of reasons, and are not the majority of people who smoke pot.

Nancy Grace: Some kids who get in trouble also smoke pot, so therefore, kids who smoke pot get in trouble and do poorly in school.

2 Chainz: Kids who don't do well in school, don't do well in school for a bunch of reasons. Pot isn't why they're in trouble.

Winner: 2 Chainz (because logic)

Round 3: Tax payers' money

Nancy Grace: We need to stop people from smoking pot, so it's a good use of money.

2 Chainz: I get arrested all the time, and all they want to know is how hot Nicki Minaj is. I'm always acquitted in court, so they're just wasting tax payers' money on cases that aren't going to result in a conviction.

Winner: 2 Chainz (because Nancy Grace has obvi never been high)

Basically, 2 Chainz for President 2016.



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