Watch 11 Year-Old Kate Middleton Perform in a School Play


By some stroke of literal magic, Kate Middleton was able to perform in a school play when she was young and no one found out about it until like, today. Here she is playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, which is super ironic just because like, that movie was about a commoner learning how to become classy, which is also kind of her life. Talk about life imitating art. Personally I'm most intrigued by how she looks literally the exact same as she did as her skinny post-wedding, pre-baby self. And I do feel bad for the bro whose role in a school play is now being watched all over the world just because he had the luck of co-starring with the one girl who happened to become a princess. You can watch her acting above, but if you want to hear her sing (off-key), click here


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