Wanna Win a Free Dress, Betch?

You’re probably broke from buying all your friends, family members, and your SO Christmas presents (or Chanukah presents, I didn’t forget about you JABs), meaning you don’t have any money to buy a killer NYE dress. DW, we’ve got you covered.

Betches Love This is teaming up with UsTrendy to get you free shit! Back up, what’s UsTrendy? It’s a site you need to add to your online shopping list (because we know that's what you're doing at work anyway). It’s got tons of really cute styles and the prices won’t put you or your dad in debt. It’s your one stop shop for your club, party, and NYE dresses and they’re having a 70% off flash sale right now on dresses like these (no, really, up to 70% off. That wasn’t a typo).

Take a look at these and tell me you’re not having major dress envy right now:

This is exactly what I’m wearing for NYE. It’s tight, sparkly, and…sparkly. That’s really all you need.

I’m pretty fucking obsessed with this dress. I have a total weakness for sexy backs, bows, and lace, meaning I might literally die if I don’t buy it. The color is great (it comes in blue, too), and between the long sleeves and the fact that it’s ridiculously cute, this would be the perfect dress to impress your bf’s mom in. Just don’t ask me what bra to wear with it.

Risque but with class, this dress is the definition of what makes a betch. It’s so versatile that I’d order it even though I’m a really short betch and maxis make me feel like a hobbit. #WorthIt.

Okay, now what was that about the free dress again?  Right, it’s super easy because we know how you betches feel about putting in effort. Here’s what you do:

1. Follow UsTrendy on Instagram at @UsTrendy
2. Post 1 or more photos from www.ustrendy.com of stuff you want to win
3. Use the hashtag #UsTrendyBetches
4. That’s it!

Three lucky betches will win an item of their choice from UsTrendy (up to $100 value). The contest ends on December 17th. Good luck, betch!


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