Waka Flocka Flame Is Running For President


Waka Flocka Flame filmed his “official” candidacy video for Rolling Stone and released it on 4/20, so it's exactly what you're thinking: high, ridiculous, and low-key amazing. Here's his platform:

1. Legalize weed so he can smoke presidential kush

2. Foreign Policy: “I don't give a damn if we go to war.”

3. Dogs won't be allowed in restaurants

4. Anybody with feet larger than size 13 can't walk in public anymore

5. Education: Kids who don't know all Waka's lyrics can't graduate from high school

6. Balance of Powers: “Fuck the Congress, I am the Congress. I'm the President mother fucker.”

7. The Economy: All fast food restaurants must pay their employees $15 per hour, like In and Out Burger.

8. Women: I feel like women have all the rights they need, what else do they want?

The real question is if he will pardon Bobby Shmurda?


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