Vince Vaughn: Broast of the Week

This week's honorary broast goes to someone who could never be accused of having TDS. His 6'5 stature is matched in size only by his hysterical one-liners. And with release of his new movie “The Internship” which you probably haven't even heard of since the marketing has been so shitty, we decided to toast Vince Vaugh, our favorite giant in comedy.

We were first introduced to Vince's hysterical brand of asshole in Old School where he charmed us by acting like a dick to his wife and spearheading a movement of middle aged and old as fuck men to join his fraternity. Talk about a pro that wants to be a bro again. After a cameo in Anchorman and a role as a dodgeball playing loser in Dodgeball, he reprised his role as insensitive doucehbag in Wedding Crashers and The Break Up where he had the honor of being Jennifer Aniston's real life rebound skank. We knew that one was destined for failure but like the movie, we were happy to be along for the ride.

He then proceeded to make about 6 shitty movies including but not limited to Fred Claus, Couples Retreat, Four Christmases, The Dilemma, The Watch, and Lay the Favorite; three of which I've seen and three of which I'd rather kill myself with Wes Mantooth's knife than have to endure.

Now Vince is back, starring in The Internship, a movie we hope doesn't suck. As usual, he stars with his BFF Owen Wilson. Seriously though, do these besties have contracts that 75% of their films have to have them playing a sarcastic duo who act like they're 22 and do/say mean shit to women? Because if so they're definitely set up for long, prosperous careers.

In any case, here's a broast to one of the only guys in Hollywood that proves you don't have to be a fugly short guy to get laughs on the big screen. And of course always remember our favorite rules from Wedding Crashers:

Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion!
Rule #84: Shoes say a lot about a man


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