Meme Girls

What goes into the memes you see on Betches? Sweat. Blood. Tears. And a surprising amount of wigs. “Meme Girls” is the first ever scripted comedy series by Betches. It’s a satirical look at the world of meme-making, content creation, and Insta fame. You know you’ve always been curious.


Written & Directed: Bryan Russell Smith

Producers: Hannah Berner, Alise Morales, Jessie Jolles

Director of Photography: Danny Vega

Cast Halie – Halie Nicola, Chris – Chris Burns, Pat – Pat Wise, Alise – Alise Morales, Hannah – Hannah Berner, Jessie – Jessie Jolles

Sound Recordist: Sasha Larco

Production Assistant: Andy Vega

Graphics: Kenzie Szymarek

Editor: Bryan Russell Smith

“Meme Girls Theme Song”: Catey Shaw & Jay Levine