VIDEO: Surprise, You’re Way Prettier Than You Think

My hairline is so weird. My pores are huge. My nail beds suck. I have really bad breath in the morning. EW. 

There's nothing a betch loves to do more than complain about certain parts of her body so that her friends can be like omg what are you even talking about you need to be like, committed or something. Like we even wrote a post about it: #104 Token Hated Body Part. However, even though we all hate to admit it, we all have our flaws which are deeply rooted in insecurities. Well since it's Valentine's Day and we're in rare form, feeling extra fucking nice, we decided to post this video which should help you see that no one else agrees that you need that second nose job, or that you have excess chin fat, or that your ears are uneven. Unless it's all true in which case, learn to contour. See: Kim K. 


Would've been hilarious if when they showed the people their drawings the 2nd picture actually looked like Shrek. 


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