VIDEO: College Bros Are Smashing Beer Cans On Their Heads All Over Facebook

Right now literally all over Facebook, college bros are posting videos of themselves detonating beer cans on their heads, then chugging/shotgunning beer, then nominating 4 of their friends to do the same in the next 24 hours. If they don't then…nothing happens aka they get called out for being huge pussies, obvi. And they're calling it the Detonator Challenge.

What's the point you ask? There is none, according to our fave bro who posted this video just for us. Maybe it's supposed to be the new “icing.” Maybe it's because guys need more reasons to smack their head against various shit. Who knows. We think it's like the frat version of Pay It Forward, except you have way more fun and a large chance of ending up in the hospital. 

We asked him why certain people crush the beers on their heads while others just chug it normally. His response: “Some are boss. Some aren't”

There you go. 

This video was edited to remove the names of the other people nominated. 


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