VIDEO: Adorable 100-Year-Old Grandma BFFs Discuss Twerking, Bieber, and Selfies

Usually old people freak me out, but these two 100-year-olds are really fucking cute. Watch as they talk about hot topics like selfies, the name North, twerking, and Justin 'Beaver'. Serious question, why are old women always holding crumpled tissues in their hands?

Our fave lines: 

On selfies: “I had enough pictures taken of me, I don't need to take my own picture” 

When asked how dissappointed they are in the new iPhone OS: “YES! 100% OH I am so irritated.” 

“Oh that kid, the singer? Justin Beaver? I think he's in movies, isn't he? He's not doing something right.” 

“North? Whose name is that? Spell it. N O R T H?!? You're kidding.”


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