Victoria’s Secret Is Airing A Swim Special As A Reminder To Stop Eating

Our body dysmorphia hasn’t even had a chance to recover from it’s last debilitating blow, otherwise known as The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and the lingerie chain is already hitting us again. This week CBS announced that they will be airing a Victoria's Secret Swim Special on February 26th. Yay.

Okay yes, obvi the VS Fashion Show is great because it’s a right of passage for any group of female friends—but I think once a year, or at least SEASON, is enough. While you’ve been gorging on carbs in order to survive your blizzard hibernation, the Angels are on day 78 of their tea-tox, just waiting to ruin your life all over again. This special will incredibly different from the last in that they will be dancing in lingerie and wings to Maroon 5, but like, on a beach. Can’t wait for them to band together as they collectively try to locate Puerto Rico on a map in the backstage interview.

Whatevs, we’ll welcome any excuse to blackout on a Thursday night as our group of besties breaks into a bitch fight over who the reigning Angel really is.




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