Verifiably Stupid: The Best of Twitter This Week

This week on Verifiably Stupid, celebs tweet ridiculous shit and we comment on it. Unlike last week's ranting, this week's celebridiots have more subtly dumb things to say, but still pretty bad. So betches, if you see a celeb embarrassing themselves on twitter, screenshot that shit and send it to us at

@BritneySpearsMars is still looking good, can’t say the same for you too Brit Brit. You’re the prime example of how much something can change in just twelve years but we’re just thankful you’ve been covering up your drill bits recently.

@TinsleyMortimer…What type of “socialite” still uses a blackberry? No wonder died.

@KimZolciak…They must be the best if they were able to deliver a baby from your penis!

@BarackObama…Get back to work, Barry. This makes me uncomfortable.

@JonahHill…Which is the embarrassing part here? That the woman gave birth in a park, that you did nothing but took a pervy pic of her “placenta”, or that TMZ caught this all? Well, we watched the video, and what I think is the most embarrassing part is how that fame whore you’re strolling with thinks this is about her.

@KimKardashian…That awkward moment when you LOL at the possibility of your mom's—excuse me momager’s—death.


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