Verifiably Stupid: The Best of Twitter This Week

This week on Verifiably Stupid, our favorite Colombian chows down on wings after a strenuous afternoon shopping at Kmart and Lea Michele admits something to us we've always been saying. Hint, it has something to do with her breakout role and that it was NOT on broadway, but in A.I. Artificial Intelligence. 

@SofiaVergara… Ugh Sofia, your impossible measurements (32F !) have met their match. No, not the wings, gross, but what’s worse are those shades. Assuming “fancyyy” ‘s undertone was nothing but sarcastic, we’re going to drive the point home and let you know that just because you let the white trash brand mask themselves with your Latin flair doesn’t mean you have to hide behind made in China shades.

@MsLeaMichele… We KNEW you were a robot, Lea! Your stiff posing gave it away a while ago and made us all totally uncomfortable and ridden with secondhand embarrassment. There’s no way a real human could be that completely unaware of how absolutely TACKY he/she is but this completely explains it. Why don’t you “unplug” until Labor Day 2013 when your fellow androids have already taken over this planet.

@LanaDelRey… for keeping me relevant through another Fashion Week.”


We’re going to give @KimKardashian a little break this week to feature a reader’s tweet suggestion.

She didn't give us a pseudonym so we'll just call her, Astute betch. So, Astute betch sent us this:

“A lovely tweet from the always classy Mr. West. Thought it deserved to be on the next installment of the best of twitter.”

Dear Astute betch,

Welcome to 2012! Chastity Bono’s a dude, “Bennifer” isn’t a thing anymore & there’s this nifty little program called Photoshop. With Photoshop, you can create anything that creeps up into the ol’ noggin and post it up on the internet. Also with help of the internet, you can go on this crazy little website called and pretty much source anything.

I took the 0.18 seconds out of my day to have about 567,000 websites confirm that this is in fact ‘shopped. Here, let us help you.

So thanks for nothing and I hope you learned a lesson here today at BetchesLoveThis. 


And finally…did you really think this drivel was going to get a pass? Lol. 

@KimKardashian…The “GOOD SIDE”??! Pretty sure I’ve never seen Luke Skywalker get a manicure, Kim. Use your iPhone, this hurts my eyes. 

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