Valentine's Vibe Check: Weekend Horoscopes Feb. 12-14

Happy Valentine’s, Palentine’s, Galentine’s or Single Awareness Weekend, fam. Since going out is still kind of frowned upon and no one is going to see your lipstick under that mask anyway, might I suggest Netflix and chilling with some takeout? Sh*t, throw on your comfiest sweatpants and redo your messy bun; it’s a special occasion, after all. What do the planets have in store for us during this star-crossed weekend? Let’s dive in.


Love yourself, Aquarius. We know it’s Valentine’s weekend and all, but it’s important during these few days off that you remember to take care of your bod, mind, and spirit, too. If that means a bubble bath while your camera is off on Zoom on Friday, go for it. If it means jogging while listening to old school emo, you do you. If it means booking an all-inclusive vacay to Bermuda for 2023 (we’ll be safe by then, right?) go for it.


Your ruling planet, Neptune, wants you to remind everyone what a great person you are, Pisces. Use the weekend to show how capable of love you are by calling old friends, buying something cute for your S.O., and not arguing with your mom even though she’s super wrong. Don’t leave yourself out, either. If showing love and gratitude means buying yourself that $200 dress you have no place to wear—whatever, do it.


The stars will have you full-on being nice this weekend, Aries. It’s a bit out of character for you, but embrace it and show the world that you’re not an asshole ALL the time. On Saturday, wake up late, but early enough to make your partner breakfast—even if it’s just coffee and burnt toast (it’s the thought that counts). Sunday maybe (since it’s Valentine’s Day) you could order something your partner likes, even if vegan açai bowls aren’t your jam.


You’re charming af this weekend, Taurus. If you’re single, make plans to see someone—anyone—be it in person over drinks or via a Zoom date. If you’re part of a pair, your partner is probably going to be this weekend, so prepare yourself for all that energy. On Sunday, you’ll feel the desire to be extra kind, so drop off some clothes, toiletries, and goods at the local women’s shelter, then unwind with takeout from your favorite pizza place.


You’re a barrel of f*cking fun this weekend, Gemini. Seriously, everyone wants to be around you. Since you can’t really throw a party in your own honor, opt for meeting up with a few friends somewhere with outdoor seating; brunch with one or two besties; or just making your S.O. tell you how pretty you are. On that note, make sure you pay some extra special attention to your partner; they need love, too.


The stars want you to nurture everyone and everything around you this weekend, Cancer. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, spoil your sweetheart with dinner out (or in), and whatever else is allowed during a pandemic. If you’re single, nurture some plants; or maybe it’s finally time to bite the bullet and get a puppy. Cats are easier, but they’re too bitchy for me.


Venus wants you to connect deeply with your partner this weekend, Leo, so we recommend whipping out the handcuffs and lingerie you’ve been saving and getting down to business. Sex aside, it’ll also be a great weekend for meaningful conversation, so if there’s been something on your mind, now’s the time to discuss. The stars are foreseeing little if any conflict, so don’t be afraid to throw it all out there.


Mercury and Venus want you to lean in fully to the Valentine’s vibes this weekend, Virgo. If you’re part of a pair, spoil your partner with gifts (including your bod, if that’s how you wanna play it). If you’re single, show your tribe how much they mean to you and schedule a day out at a winery where you can soak up each other’s awesomeness.


Creativity and love are on the docket this weekend, Libra, so if you’ve been dying to tackle a bathroom remodel, paint a wall, or just peruse Zillow for houses you can’t afford with your beloved, by all means, this is the time to do it. You’ll be feeling more romantic than usual, so lean in fully to Valentine’s Day and make some glitter and macaroni cards for your S.O. to put in his home office. I’m sure he’ll love it.


Give your love to everyoneeeee, Scorpio. Well, not like, toxic people or potential serial killers —you get it. Use this weekend of love to not only spoil your soulmate, but to send little gifts to friends and family, too. Make a giant batch of homemade truffles and bag them up for people you don’t hate. Bake pies or cupcakes and leave them for your lonelier neighbors. Volunteer at an animal shelter to snuggle all the dogs. Basically, just be a nice person. You can go back to being an asshole on Monday.


Speak from your heart, Sagittarius. Whether it’s talking about your #feelings to your boss on Friday or finally telling that idiot you’re dating that you really, really dig him, being straightforward and leaning in to the whole Valentine’s vibe this weekend will go great for you.


Listen to your heart, Capricorn. This weekend is all about love, but you need to take some time for yourself, too. After work on Friday, head out for a glass of wine or giant beer on your own. Self care is important. The rest of the weekend is for quiet cuddling with your S.O., or, if you’re single, scrolling through dating apps with your besties on FaceTime.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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