Valentine's Day Gifts Fitness-Obsessed Boyfriends Will Love

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, which means it’s time to start brainstorming what you can give your boyfriend to let him know how much you love him! (Because gifts are what truly matter, amirite?) Whether you have $30 or $1,000 to spend, there are unique gifts out there that he’ll probably like. If your mans is into health and fitness sh*t, here are a few awesome wellness Valentine’s Day gifts that he will actually love.

Personalized Gym Gear

Your boyfriend lifts weights on the regular. Everyone at the gym knows him by name and waves at him when he walks in the door. Yeah, he’s pretty cool. For those who don’t already know his name, it’s time for them to learn! Get him some personalized gym gear to rock when he works out. There are tons of websites (like Etsy) and sports stores (like Spread Shirt) that offer gym gear that can be personalized with the design or words of your choice. Buy him a backpack or weight-lifting belt (or something else that he’ll love) and embroider his name onto it so people know who it belongs to when it inevitably gets lost in the locker room.

Iron Attitude Belts Men’s Blank Belt

Smart Scale

If your boo is obsessed with the number on the scale and how many gains he’s gotten over the last week, he’d definitely love to get a smart scale for V-Day (if he doesn’t already have one). Certain smart scales like the ones by Withings (shown below), Garmin, and Fitbit offer tons of features that the average scale doesn’t, including the ability to track and compare your progress, body fat, water weight, muscle weight, etc. They can even connect to your smartphone (yay, technology!). You can purchase a smart scale online on Amazon or in store from Best Buy and Kohl’s.

Amazon Withings Smart Digital Scale

Wearable Sleep Tracker

Maybe your man doesn’t sleep well, or he obsesses over the amount of hours he sleeps every night. Sounds like he could benefit from a sleep tracker like the Fitbit Versa. This sleep tracker will monitor just how well he sleeps at night, and for how long. You can buy a sleep tracker from Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Target, or any electronics stores inside your local mall. By using it, maybe he’ll stop snoring and keeping you awake all night, and then complaining to you the next day about how he slept like sh*t.

FitBit Versa Watch

Weekend Getaway Trip

Look, self-care is an important part of wellness. So give your man some much-needed R&R for V-Day with a weekend getaway. This gift is a win-win because not only is your man getting a gift, but so are you! Go for a hike, hit the beach, or relax at a spa for a weekend. Depending on the type of vacation you know he’d enjoy (and your budget), you can find super cheap getaway deals on websites like Groupon Getaways (there’s literally an $88/night deal for a hotel overlooking Niagara Falls) or Cheap Caribbean. There are all types of deals for all types of prices out there somewhere. No matter if you can only spend $100, or if you’re ready to drop a grand, he’ll be sure to ~thank you~ for this one. 

Groupon Embassy Suites By Hilton Niagara Falls

Images: Shutterstock; Iron Attitude; Amazon; Fitbit; Groupon

Morgan Mandriota
Morgan Mandriota
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