Valentine’s Day Beauty Presents To Buy For Yourself

Whether you’re planning on partaking in a sad date with a boyfriend you probably are’t sexually satisfied by, or are doing some sort of shitty, last minute best friend/gal pal “single” celebration, chances are you’re going to be in need of a pick me up this Valentine’s Day. Enter, last minute beauty gifts that you can buy for yourself. Because nothing says “I don’t love anyone” like “I love me the most.” 

1. Patchology ‘FlashPatch’ Lip Gels, $50

Lip masks are now a beauty requisite, so you better get on that unless you want to be alone forever or in a mediocre relationship for the rest of your life.

2. Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette, $49

Fuck the Whitman’s sampler. This is the only chocolate anything you need. Plus, sooo low cal!

3. Dyptique Roses Scented Oval, $45

Why buy roses that aren’t going to last when you can just buy a solid perfume “oval” that also probably won’t last, and that you will forget about, but will still be good to own in theory?

4. L’Occitane Soledad Rose Hugs and Kisses Kit, $24

The name of this kit is vomit inducing, but you’ll get over that quickly when you realize how fucking smooth your hands and lips are after using these products.

5. Everlasting Locks Style Saving Shower Cap, $14

For when you don’t care enough to wash your gross hair. Mostly because LOVE ISN’T REAL and you DGAF anymore.

6. Rituals Cream Bath, $19


Your inevitably solo bath and loveless life of solitude are calling you. Happy V Day!


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