UV Henna Tattoos Will Be The Basic Bitch Music Festival Fad Of 2017

With the worst 2016 trends behind us, it’s time to look forward to all the weird things 2017 will bring in the name of looking pretty. Or for some of you, average. Enter: UV Henna Tattoos. The latest and greatest faux tattoo that you will see at music festivals all throughout the year. (Suck it, flash tats.)

Except these “henna tattoos” aren’t actually made with henna. They’re painted on with some temporary body paint that glows under a blacklight. In other words, they are not water/vodka spillage proof. In other other words, although they’re pretty to look at, they’re probably not worth wearing  ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

UV Henna Tattoos

UV Henna Tattoos

UV Henna Tattoos

However, the silver (neon?) lining is how trippy/scary/fun these will appear while you are on hallucinogens in the desert. Like, imagine being in a dark tent listening to a subpar DJ spin music that only sounds good because you paid a shit ton of money to be in the middle of nowhere and experience this because everybody says it’s “fun” and “not even that crowded” and wait..I lost it. Oh. Imagine being in a dark tent full of people with these tattoos all over their bodies. It might give you a seizure or panic attack, but it will totally be…honestly probably not worth it…

PSA: try staying home and taking hallucinogens/binge watching Vanderpump Rules instead. 

Stassi Schroeder

That’s a fucking trip worth taking. (You can still paint your fucking body and wear a flower crown. If you must.)