247. Using Law School as A Back Up Plan

Although betches aren’t fans of sticking to the plan, we do love a good backup plan. Shoutout to Plan B for getting us through college. When it comes to our backup plans for the future, our second choice is usually someone else’s first.

As a young betch, we were told we could do anything, even like fashion, and watching Ally Hilfiger on Rich Girls confirmed that. If you’re an artsy betch pursuing something like fashion, music, acting, or anything in media, chances are you’ve said the words, “I can always just go to law school.” Because you know even though you don’t need a backup plan (since you’re marrying rich anyways), there’s nothing betchier than casually taking someone’s #1 goal and making it your last resort.

If your parents aren’t already lawyers, then chances are several others in your family are. Law school isn’t new to betches, and we recognize the prestige of an Ivy degree…but we just don’t feel like doing it right now.

Once you finish undergrad, you’ll probably enjoy being an independent betch with a job and co-workers that will cut lines with you. It’s much more fun to not do work at a company just so you can justify going to Happy Hour on a Tuesday. But you also know that eventually, you might decide to settle down. So you tell people you’ll probably go to law school eventually. What, like it’s hard?

Using law school as a backup plan implies to others that you are smart but not boring. It means you know you could get in, but you have like other talents you’d rather pursue first. It’s also betchy because your backup plan happens to cost $100,000.

You might casually drop this into conversations with relatives when they ask you what your 5 year plan is. Like, “I really love acting but if I’m not a breakout lead at Sundance or Cannes in three years I’ll probably just go to law school.” Or when your girlfriends ask you how working in PR at Fashion Week was, “I mean yeah the partying is fun but if I don’t start feeling fulfilled by Resort I think I’ll sign up for the LSATs.”

Regardless of your ambition or lack thereof, betches aren’t bums. Using law school as a backup is the perfect balance of carelessness and thoughtfulness that makes a betch a perfect paradox. Like even though you can’t remember who you made out with when you were rolling face at Coachella, people will still respect you.


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