Unreal Is The New Scripted Show About The Bachelor You Should Be Watching

So there’s a scripted TV show about the making of The Bachelor and it’s actually really good so far.  I mean, with the shit that goes down on screen of that show, it’s no surprise that behind the scenes is just as juicy. Unreal, which is on Lifetime (yeah, we were surprised too), follows a self-proclaimed feminist producer named Rachel as she navigates making good TV and being a good person.

Spoiler alert: she’s not a good person. Nobody on the show is. But we’re supposed to sympathize with her because she’s clearly the protagonist, and also she’s Shiri Appleby.

The pilot episode starts with the first episode of them filming a show called “Everlasting”, which is obvs The Bachelor with a dumber name. The girls turn up one by one in carriages and do their little intros, just like on The Bachelor. Except we’re then introduced to Rachel, and apparently everyone’s shocked that she’s returned to work on the show after she had a very big meltdown on a previous season.  We don’t see her breakdown until the end, but we definitely recognized that post blackout shame in her eyes as she walked through the set getting stared at by her co-workers.

Rachel’s boss is a stone cold betch who exploits human emotions to make her TV show, and we think she’s awesome. Sure, she’s psycho and most definitely a sociopath, but she gets what she wants and she doesn’t take shit from anyone.  In episode 1 she fucks her boss, who’s the creator of the show “Everlasting,” so I think we’re supposed to hate her, but whatever.  Her boss is kind of disgusting though, which is annoying to watch.

Shiri overacts her whole doe-eyed “just want to be a good person” thing, but she redeems herself when she gets all Regina George and casually calls the show’s bitch Britney unloveable.  Britney gets sad and cries on camera, and the episode is saved for Quinn. You kind of feel bad for Britney, but then you remember that everything’s fake and this is a TV show about a fake TV show, so then it’s fun again.

Basically everyone is a terrible person in the best way possible.  We’re curious to see how the rest of the series goes, but if it’s anything like the first episode, we’re definitely hooked.


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