10 LaCroix And Alcohol Pairings You Need To Try

LaCroix: a magical calorie-less elixir developed by (I assume) Swedish supermodels who wanted to pass along their skinny hotness to us in the form of flavored water. Obv, we’re all about LaCroix (and pronouncing it La Croo-whaaa to sound bougie AF) and its betchy flavors, but figuring out how to up this glorified seltzer with alcohol is a precious skill. Since we’re, like, really nice, and want you to have the best ever low-cal drinking adventure, here are the actual best LaCroix and alcohol pairings as decided by us.

LaCroix Coconut + Rum

No fucking brainer here—we’re throwing it back to the days of chugging Malibu in our dorms before stumbling into our Friday night shenanigans. LaCroix Coconut may have a slight sunscreen flavor, but mixing it with rum will remind you of the days when it was warm and winter didn’t rule our lives.

LaCroix Berry + Rosé

It’s like the wine spritzers of our youth, fam. The berry flavor plays beautifully with a nice, lush (yes, I said lush) rosé. Plus, the lil happy bubbles make this a low cal and low alcohol choice if you’re looking for a summer sippin’ and not so much a blackout adventure. But if you’re looking for a blackout adventure, pair LaCroix Berry with Three Olives rosé vodka, and we’ll see you on the other side.

LaCroix Cran-Raspberry + Vodka

Remember when we used to order cran-vodkas and never look back? Let this combo take you back to that magical time and experience the subsequent blackout that comes with it.

LaCroix Peach Pear + Tequila

If you’re all about tequila—and we can’t blame you, what with Cinco De Drinko on the horizon and all—pair your shots with LaCroix’s Peach Pear flavor. For some reason, this combo works and reminds us of a really cheap margarita, which, respect.

LaCroix Pamplemousse + Gin

Gin, what with its pine tree flavor and potential to make you a psycho, pairs well with the most beloved LaCroix flavor, Pamplemousse. It also plays well with Mure Pepino, the elusive berry and cucumber flavor. If you’re boring, though, it works with Lime, too. Duh.

LaCroix Cerise Limón + Whiskey

Whiskey is on my no-no list, but it doesn’t have to be on yours if you pair it with the right shit. Think of a whiskey sour or an Old-Fashioned—this cherry lime LaCroix is going to be great with a sweet and smoky whiskey.

LaCroix Apricot + Prosecco

If you like piña coladas mimosas and brunch, this is the combo for you. Instead of sugar-heavy fruit juice, mix your Prosecco or Champagne with LaCroix Apricot.

LaCroix Mango + Reisling

Sweet, summery, and tropical, the combo of a sweet (or crisp) Reisling and LaCroix’s Mango works like a poor man’s white sangria. It’s perfect for sippin’ on the beach or while you’re pretending to enjoy the summer heat.

LaCroix Tangerine + Limoncello

Limoncello is already sweet enough to drink on its own, so combining it with some LaCroix Tangerine for an orangey twist will bring the citrus to the next level. It’ll cut the syrupy sweetness of the Limoncello, too, if that isn’t your thing.

LaCroix Lemon + Lemon Vodka

Don’t have lemon vodka? Whatever. Vodka works with literally everything because it’s the best alcohol ever bestowed upon us. This is literally a more bougie vodka soda, so, you’re welcome.

Images: Chris Abney / Unsplash; Amazon (10)

Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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