Ukrainian Women Are Boycotting Sex with Russians As Protest

Obviously someone over in Crimea read our chapter on #8 not having sex with bros because this is truly inspired.

There is a new campaign in Ukraine called “Don't Give It To A Russian” which you can see on the above t-shirts if you can read them, but if not you will have to just trust us that it says that. The campaign is meant in protest of Russian actions in Crimea such as kidnapping, taking away rights, limiting journalism, and other commonplace dictator shit. They believe that by saying nyet to sex that Putin will stop figuratively raping them, but something tells me that this will just cause more actual rape. Until someone finds a way to give blue balls to Putin himself I think we will just have to sit back and watch as he takes all over eastern Europe. Let's just hope Prague's okay because I know some people who want to go abroad there without like, getting annexed. 

Source: NY Post


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