Uber Driver Saves Lives By Shooting Down Chicago Gunman

As if Uber drivers weren’t already heroic enough for volunteering to shuttle our drunk asses around AND enduring our blackout Spotify playlists? Now introducing their brave service to humanity: fighting gun violence.

A few minutes after dropping someone off in a presumably povo part of Chicago, he notices a guy running down the sidewalk shooting at a group of people. Next, the driver pulls out his own 100% legal gun and shoots the guy 6 times, injuring the gunman and keeping everyone involved alive.

The badass driver presented all of the necessary paperwork to the cops at the scene and probs drove off to save some other damsel in distress from the temptation of drunk eating while waiting for a cab (hopefully in another part of town). The other guy however is not only totally blacklisted from Uber, but also public after he was denied bail at court on Sunday for aggravated battery and illegal possession of a firearm. Moral of the story? Uber wins, again.


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