Two Hands Review: Two Thumbs Up For Two Hands

Two Hands: 7.5/10

Food: 3.5 / 4

Service: 2 / 3

Atmosphere: 2 / 3

Ever have those Sundays where you’re not quite down to commit for a full on betchy brunch? Sometimes all you need is a hangover friendly spot where it won’t matter if you’re in the same outfit from last night.


Too clean to be that close to Chinatown but we get it, they’re brand new and haven’t broken the space in yet. Just like a new leather jacket, give it a year and it’ll have character. The place is tiny but we don't care because the staff is hot… and Australian. Just when you thought “avocado toast” sounded sexy enough, imagine it in an Aussie accent.

Heels or Flats:

Like I said, last nights outfit will do just fine, but keep in mind your future husband might be serving you your latte, so like… keep it cute.

The Crowd:

A mixture to say the least, be forewarned – there will be that girl who didn't get the memo that the birds-eye-view latte pic is O.V.E.R. There will also be the rando NYU kid who’s posted up with his homework at the corner table with good lighting – like please, spare us and go to Starbucks. To be honest (especially on the weekend) try and snag a spot outside to avoid the basic crowd and enjoy your ricotta toast in peace.


The tables inside make for the perfect “iced coffee, açai bowl, folded sunglasses” pic. Plus, the walls are exposed white brick a.k.a. bring your designated photographer friend for that ohhhhhh so ~candid~ Sunday selfie, if that’s what you’re feeling. Either way, the food is trés photogenic so as long as you know to (ALWAYS) feed the camera first, you’ll leave with a good insta.


Depends on the day. Go at an off-hour to ensure a good spot and fast service. Plus side – they open at 8am so if you can get your ass out of bed early, do it.


A tale of two toasts. You WILL have the crisis of deciding between the ricotta toast with fresh berries & honey and the avocado toast with olive oil & chili flakes. Solution? Bring a friend so you can order both.

TIP: you can choose to add an egg on top of your avocado toast, which you should do. Pro: it’s orgasmic, con: you’ll never want to eat anything else for breakfast ever again.

The açai bowl is another staple on the menu, it’s light and healthy (we think) and super photogenic BUT sometimes they skimp out and don't fill the bowl to the brim so make sure you let them know you don’t condone that kind of fuckery in order to get your money’s worth.

Speaking of fuckery, they don't have skim milk or wifi… but they’re young, they’ll learn.

As far as their coffee, good brews by good dudes. Personally, I like my coffee like I like my clothes: black – but if you like the fancy shit you’re in luck. Their latte art is pretty, they offer soy and almond milk, and their iced drinks are served in mason jars with cute straws. In other words, their drinks are just as instagramable as their food, which is always a plus.

Overall verdict?

Their toast is like, perfect – you HAVE to try it. Other than that, we’re not dyyying but hey, all of their food is served with a side of hot Australian men…so, we’ll keep coming back.

Restaurant Info

164 Mott St
New York, NY 10013

(917) 475-1815

***All photos credited to @hungrybetches


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