Guess Which Members Of The First Family Literally Don't Know How To Vote

If you’re looking for another embarassment to add your burn book long list of things that the Trumps are terrible at, we’ve got you. According to a Jezebel article, no one in the Trump Mafia knows how to fucking vote. Lol. I guess participating in legal activity is like, v hard for them.

In the 2017 NYC mayoral election, the Trump squad all had difficulties casting their votes. Melania forgot to sign the envelope on her absentee ballot. Maybe overlooking details, such as the fact that her hubby is a pile of garbage with limbs, is how she gets through life. Ivanka sent out her ballot the day of the election, not realizing that’s not how it works. Sorry, honey, this isn’t like your clothing brand where you can just get child laborers to get everything done quickly. Jared Kushner straight up didn’t send in his absentee. Hey, Kush, may we make a request that you also ignore all of your other involvement in government? Tysm.

Actual footage of the Trumps attempting to vote:

This wasn’t the first time the Trumps royally fucked up voting. In the 2016 primaries Eric and Ivanka both missed the deadline to register to vote, aka they didn’t even vote for daddy. What’s ironic is that Trump has promised to make voter laws stricter, which is racist and classist but we won’t event get into that rn. The point is, Trump may want to rethink his promise to change voting laws, seeing as he and the #fam can’t figure out how to vote as is. Then again, Trump has never applied basic law to himself.

Idk, wake me up when Beyoncé is president.

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Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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