Trump Has To Unblock Chrissy Teigen On Twitter

First someone throws water at Tomi Lahren, now Trump is legally barred from trying to avoid seeing Twitter profiles that don’t constantly stroke his oversized ego. It’s clear we’re all having an issue with how to communicate like adults when we’re around people who disagree with us. Federal Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled on Wednesday that Trump cannot block Twitter users for having differing political opinions as it is a violation of the First Amendment and it’s pretty hilarious. Trump doesn’t exactly seem like the kind of person who would enjoy being censored in any way, and I just wish so badly I could be the person to sit him down and tell him he needs to stop blocking uh, Chrissy Teigen (who he blocked literally for saying “lol you have no friends.”) and anyone who is mean to him?

While the government’s rebuttal was that blocked users could still have access to the President’s tweets, Buchwald ruled that cutting people off from direct communication with Trump was still a violation of speech. The case was brought by the Knight First Amendment Institute At Columbia University and represented seven Twitter users who had actually been blocked by the President of the United States: a university professor in Maryland, a surgery resident in Tennessee, a Washington state songwriter, a New York comedy writer (not me), an author, a legal analyst and a police officer. At least he was diverse in his blocking-binge, but it is unsettling to see that he wasn’t choosing to just block violent or extremist users. Literally a comedy writer made a joke he didn’t like, and he blocked them. Trump, that is the definition of “petty.”

The President doesn’t seem to realize that his Twitter isn’t just like our middle school Livejournals. What he writes on there has consequences. And they’re actually greater than him growing up one day and cringing. Just last week, Trump tweeted repeatedly about the Justice Department placing a “spy” inside his presidential campaign to frame him over the possible Netflix and Chillin’ with Russia. Ex-FBI director James Comey responded to those tweets with, “Attacks on the FBI and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country.” Yup.

Someone needs to tell Trump that blocking people on social media is how you deal when a creep won’t stop sliding into your DMs, not the solution to a divided political climate. If he’s only allowing himself to see users who agree with him, how does he expect to “Make America Great Again.” Also, wait, liberals are the ones living in bubbles? Yeah, ok.

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