There's A Robot Version Of Trump At Disney World And It Will Ruin Your Life

Welp, another day, another nightmare. Disney World unveiled their animatronic Chucky Trump doll and it is, to be quite frank, absolutely devastating. Like, I’m trying to come up with more insults rn but I’m honestly too shook to function.

For those of you who haven’t gotten blackout at visited Disney World with your family, “The Hall of Presidents” is a popular attraction at the theme park for some unknown reason. It’s literally a bunch of robot versions of presidents, as if we needed any more tributes to crusty, old white men. 

The Trump dummy made its debut today, and it turns out the reviews are just like the real Trump’s approval rating: bad AF. This comes as no surprise, seeing as one version of a fugly man with tiny hands and a neck-chin that looks like a worn out duvet is more than any of us can stomach already. Why would you ever make another one? Are you taking crazy pills or something?

A lot of people took to twitter to troll Trump and it’s just so touching to see the country come together over something.

Anyway, next time you’re at Disney World, be sure to steer clear of this waking nightmare. And also maybe put in a request to whoever’s in charge to replace the “Hall of Presidents” with the “Hall of Rihanna.” Just saying.

TBH, the only thing that is getting me through this horrific inclusion in Disney’s Hall of Presidents, is the fact that all the other presidents look as pissed as we are to see him there: 

Same, Rutherford B. Hayes.* Same.


*IDK if this is actually Rutherford B. Hayes. Don’t @ me. 

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Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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