Stormy Daniels Made Trump More Popular With Men Because Duh

Today in news that doesn’t make you look up from your phone, the Stormy Daniels turmoil has raised Trump’s approval rating among men. According to a new poll, while men seem to approve of the president’s romp with Daniels, women are increasingly turned off by literally everything he does. It is incredible how you think you’re as turned off as possible, then you hear about the president getting his ass spanked with a magazine with his face on the cover and your clit cools down to record low temperatures.

According to The Hill  women’s approval of him fell from 41% to 35% since the Stormy Daniels mess while men’s rose 3% to 53%. This poll was taken right after the Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview and it’s being called the “Stormy Effect.” I guess it’s every man’s wet dream to not only have $130,000, but pay that amount of money to a porn star to keep quiet about a one night stand. Maybe we just need a steady stream (Trump’s favorite thing) of porn stars to do tell-all interviews from now until the midterms. We’ll put on a sports game or something to distract the boys and just drain any women”s support of the president.

Republicans should be freaking out in the group text right about now, though. Their grasp of the women’s vote (and like, women in general) is loosening at an alarming rate. 63% of women polled said that they’re interested in having Democrats take control of the Senate in the upcoming midterms. If Republicans want to keep our interest, they better start pulling out all the stops. I’m talking access to reproductive care, equal pay, jewelry, posts on social about how cute we are, etc. Oh, wait I’m just turning them into my dream liberal boyfriend.

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