Trendy Summer High Heels That Are Comfortable Enough To Day Drink In

NGL, I’ve never been a shoe person until like, this year. I know, who even am I? Luckily for me, I left that dark period behind. I went from having a solid five pairs of shoes I used for every occasion, to having my own shoe closet—aside from my wardrobe, duh—because I’m basically Carrie Bradshaw now (or so I tell myself). This season’s shoe game has been my fave ever since the naked shoe got serious upgrades (thanks for the trend, Yeezy), and velvet block heel sandals became a thing—because anything in velvet is always better, don’t fight me on this. From time to time, I enjoy sporting Adidas and strutting in ballet flats even in unbearable heat, but when I’m trying to capture the very essence of a well overdue blackout in broad daylight, I need some wedges and heels to stumble around in. I mean, despite how many times I say, “I’m totaally fiiine, baarely tipsy,” how else would my friends know to cut me off from ordering another shot?

Because you should look good from head to toe for all of your day drinking affairs, here are the cutest shoes you should most deff add to your (already existing) cart:

1. Marc Fisher Adalyn Espadrille Wedge Sandal

First and foremost, your basic wedge is a necessity so if you don’t have one by now, hell yeah, I’m judging you. Get yourself a pair in a nude color so you can wear them with multiple outfits. These espadrilles are perfect for wearing with ass-flattering dark jeans or a lightweight summer dress.

Marc Fisher Adalyn Wedge

2. Castanar Fringed Canvas Wedges

With a heel just a little under 4 inches, you can easily slay the shit out of these wedges. They come in a crisp ivory with lace-up ribbons and fringe detailing. Can these be anymore summery? The street is your runway, so flaunt these as dramatically as you want. You are Beyoncé, always. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Castanar Canvas Wedge

3. Isa Tapia Mariana Kitten Heels

For a long time, kitten heels were only worn by Paris Hilton and the woman in your office who works in accounting. But, now they’re like, cool, chic, and modern so it’s socially acceptable to wear these out again. These suede heels come with a bow ankle strap in a neutral sand color that makes throwing them on last minute really convenient.

Isa Tapia Mariana Kitten Heel

4. Jeffrey Campbell Lindsay Heel

These block heels take a modern twist on the adored chunky-heeled sandal. This black (hallelujah) pair is finished in suede and comes complete with a clear plastic band, combining this summer’s hottest trends. At 3.5 inches, the thick heels will have you comfortably stumbling all night long.

Jeffrey Campbell Lindsay Heel

5. YEEZY Season 4 Mule

The “nothing shoe” trend is still very much a thing. I’m not saying you should go berserk and buy some plastic thigh-high boots that honestly make you look like you Saran Wrapped yourself. However, a transparent slip-on heel says you still know your fashion shit, and you’re also very down-to-earth because without them you’re basically barefoot. I guess they’re also cute because they show off your fresh pedicure, and partly because Kim Kardashian made it happen.

Yeezy Season 4 Mule

6. Kate Spade New York Dallas Wedge Sandals

Because graphic tees aren’t enough, graphic wedges are coming around in an assortment of designs and patterns so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Whether they’re covered in cacti or rays of sunshine, the fun style will add bright colors, flair, and originality to any lame-ass simple outfit.

Kate Spade New York Dallas Wedges