Trend Of The Week: Lavender Hair

Call a spade a spade, but don’t call your hair purple okay? It’s lavender now.  We’ve seen this before, but lately there’s been an upsurge in betches getting their locks dyed lilac and we don’t hate it, tbh. 

If anything, we’re just glad the granny trend is fading away.  Very likely everyone with gray hair was tired of getting mistaken for senior citizens at Whole Foods so took to the opposite trend of looking like a children’s toy instead. Lavender hair is nice because it’s clearly not natural, and therefore you get to bypass the annoying questions of “is her hair real” when who really gives AF if it is or it isn’t. Side note – the next time a bro says he prefers natural hair color on women you can tell him you prefer natural muscles on men and see what he says. 

Celebs that have pulled this off off really include Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne (but like, actually) and Cara Delevingne.  We’re guessing the new Jem and the Holograms movie is going to have plenty of hair inspiration in it as well.

While the trend isn’t new among celebrities, it looks like it’s finally trickled down to most of the plebes, and we are seeing this everywhere now.  Out of the rainbow colors you could choose from, the lavender is the most convenient for maintenance reasons. Number one – it fades to a light blonde if you don’t tone it, unlike a pink which may turn a nasty orange.  Number two – all shades of purple are still purple, even if you end up with pastel/cotton candy shade, you’re not venturing into any colors that resemble puke like you would with green.  In fact, purple is so unnatural we can’t think of anything except flowers and dragons that are this color in nature, so you avoid comparisons to most things.

If you’re going lavender, you probably aren’t alone. Just stay away from orange clothes. But there is no reason you should be wearing orange anyways, so that should be easy enough.


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