Trend of the Week: INKED By Dani

One of the great parts of growing up is you slowly realize that all the stuff you loved as a kid eventually makes a comeback later on in life, so you never really have to give up your favorite things. Case in point: temporary tattoos. They used to be something you did at like, birthday parties or carnivals. Now, thanks to music festivals and the amazing idea-generating power of house music, temporary tattoos have made a comeback in a big way. Much like the crop top, temporary tattoos have gotten a much-needed update, thanks to INKED by Dani. Plus, they're perfect for the betch who would lose her trust fund if she got a real one.

INKED by Dani was started by two betches in Kappa from USC. Dani and Mandy, the CEO and CFO (our two fave positions), were randomly assigned as roomies freshman year, and have been besties every since. Not my personal life philosophy, but I'm glad the branching out thing seems to have worked out for them.

Anyway, the tattoos are hand drawn by Dani and they have a bunch of designs for every betch's interest. Oh, and they're super cute. Obv.

“Glitter Leaf”: For the stoner betch.

“Dope”: For the betch who owns a snapback and listens to 2Chainz and thinks she's like, soooo ratchet.

“California”: For the west coast betch, duh. Or for the betch who went to Coachella and is “totally moving to Cali.”

“American Flag”: For the betch who says “Murica” without a hint of irony. Or if you wear it upside down, for the A$AP Mob-loving betch (just me, then?).

“Rainbow Alien”: For the betch who isn't ready to let the 90's go. So like, everybody.

The tattoos are only a dollar (literally, only a dollar…), so they're perfect for that impulse shopping you do to escape the boredom of work. Don't lie, I know you do it. So just pick your ten fave tattoos (trust me it's not hard to do), and order your tats just in time for summer. They last anywhere from 1 to 5 days so you'll probs get great mileage out of yours since let's be real, we know you're not showering at Bonnaroo anyway.

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