Travis Scott Addressed His Issues With Kylie Jenner In His New Song

Right on the heels of their shocking breakup, Travis Scott released a new song today called “Highest In The Room”. Many people were speculating that Travis and Kylie’s breakup was all a publicity stunt to promote Travis’s new song, but given Kylie’s social media posts, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Sources claim that Kylie and Travis’s breakup after their two-and-a-half-year relationship was mutual, and they just fell out of love. But suspicion was immediately cast on those reports because you can’t believe anything the Kardashians say Kylie was seen going to a studio where Tyga also was at 2am. Kylie claimed, however, that she was just dropping her friends off at a studio where Tyga also happened to be (sure Jan, who records at 2am?). In any case, the main narrative we were getting about Kylie and Travis’s breakup was that Kylie wanted to be a housewife and she and Travis just fell out of love.

Well, as much as I didn’t want to believe this reason (because it’s boring and not dramatic), Travis’s new song offers more evidence that this just might, in fact, be the case. (Never mind that rumors started swirling yesterday that Travis had a mistress and Kylie found out about it.) In “Highest In The Room”, Travis has a few lyrics that are definitely about his relationship with Kylie.

Now, before we get into the lyrics of Travis’s new song, let me just say for the record: it slaps. But I know that’s not why you’re here. With a title of “Highest In The Room”, it’s obvious that most of the song is about…being high. There are a few key lyrics about Kylie, though, so I am going to bust out my Creative Writing degree to do a close reading. (Thanks, dad! Hope it was worth it!)

In the very first verse, Travis raps, “I’m doing a show, I’ll be back soon (Soon) / That ain’t what she wanna hear (Nah)”.

Interesting!! We know that Kylie wants to settle down and have more kids and just have a husband who’s going to live at home with her and take care of her children, and that is not Travis. He’s finishing up his massive Astroworld tour, was nominated for four GRAMMY awards last year—in other words, he’s at the height of his career (so far), so why would he quit that now? Answer: he wouldn’t. And it’s funny, because Travis says throughout “Highest In The Room”, “She fill my mind up with ideas”. This could mean a lot of things, but Genius thinks it means that Kylie’s massive success as a businesswoman inspires Travis to work hard also. If that interpretation is accurate, it would be both ironic and inspirational that Kylie wants someone who’s going to be a stay-at-home partner while she makes billions.

On its face, the lyrics about “doing a show” could simply refer to Travis and Kylie wanting different things in their relationship and Kylie not being able to handle Travis’s rigorous touring schedule. However, Genius digs a little deeper (those annotators are doing the Lord’s work), and hypothesizes that these lines refer to the time back in March when it was rumored that Travis cheated on Kylie (even though we now know he might have been cheating on her for a very long time). On February 28th, Travis rescheduled a show in Buffalo, New York because he was “sick”. But later that day, TMZ reported that Kylie believed Travis was cheating on him, so he stayed home to try to work things out with her. On top of that, a few weeks later, “a rep for Kylie told People that she finds his touring schedule difficult. They said, “When he’s around, things are great with them. But when he tours, Kylie finds it hard to trust him.” No wonder Kylie wants a baby daddy who’s gonna stay at home.

So was this cheating incident the beginning of the end of their relationship? That’s what I personally believe, and what rumors are indicating. And I gotta say, that’s depressing as hell. If Kylie Jenner, a billionaire who is medically engineered to look like the ideal woman, can’t even get a solid 4 to keep his eyes (and genitals) from wandering, what hope do the rest of us have?

But whatever the reason, Kylie and Travis are supposedly on good terms and focusing on co-parenting Stormi, which is actually the only important thing.

Image: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images