Tori Spelling Sucks

I've refrained from writing about Tori Spelling for the past three plus years this website has existed for many reasons. The first reason is that people generally don't give a shit about her and the second reason is that I fucking hate her. Having grown up with all the opportunity in the world as the daughter of mega producer Aaron Spelling, only Tori could really manage to fuck things up so often and so annoyingly.

I remember watching her on the original Beverly Hills 90210 when I was like, eight years old wondering how someone as unattractive (despite her plastic surgery) and untalented as Tori could get the role of Donna, perpetual virgin and shitty actress. Then I totally forgot about her.

That is until she got her own reality show with her second husband Dean, whom she left her first husband for after having an affair with him the very first night they met on the set of some ridiculously awful Lifetime movie that no one saw. Dean also left his first wife Mary Jo Eustace with whom he had a son and was in the middle of adopting a daughter with. Totally stand up guy. Dean not only left his wife but decided he didn't want his adopted daughter. He dropped out of the adoption process although his ex continued with the adoption on her own. 

To add insult to injury, Tori and Dean paraded their infidelity, marrying one month after Tori's divorce and getting their own show. Tori continued on to have four of Dean's kids while pretending to have the happiest family in the world…that is until Dean started cheating on her. Dean reportedly only had one mistress but Tori announced today that if she finds out that there are any more, she'll leave him. Way to have some self-respect, Tor! Just when I thought I couldn't hate you anymore, you allow your chronically cheating husband that you yourself cheated with to keep doing his thang. 

Tori Spelling fucking sucks. End of story. 


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