The Top Texts I’m Not Responding To

Because not responding to these says it all.

Monday 1:30 PM: Hey I met you at that bar on Saturday. How have you been?
Monday 1:43 PM: Are you having a good day at work? Lol
Monday 2:05 PM: Hello?! Lol

Saturday 9:45 PM: Hey. I hope you're having fun at dinner. Not to be dramatic but I think it's pretty rude that you didn't even tell me it was happening. And I just feel things have been really weird between us lately. Can we get coffee tomorrow and talk it out?

Wednesday 4:04 PM: I just ate 10 Oreos
Wednesday 4:05 PM: I feel so fat 🙁

Tuesday 8:10 PM: Hey did you do the math hw yet??

Sunday 9:45 AM: Hi guys! Thanks so much for coming to my pregame last night. Unfortunately, my place is a bit of mess so I would love if a few of you could come over and help clean.

Saturday 2:58 AM: Come over.

Thursday 5:05 PM: Can I ask you something?
Thursday 6:05 PM: ???

Sunday 11:10 AM: Gym?

Friday 1:30 PM: Hiii! Would you want to share a cab tonight?!

Monday 9:45 AM: Huge favor to ask

Friday 6:30 PM: Jw what shoe size are you??

Saturday 1:35 PM: Do you have a second to talk on the phone?
Saturday 1:40 PM: I would really appreciate it.

Sunday 2:36 PM: Did you see Jason last night? And if so did he say anything about me??
Sunday 2:38 PM: I don't want to make a big deal about it but I feel like he keeps sending me these weird signals and I don't know what to make of it
Sunday 2:39 PM: Idk whatever I know I shouldn't even care about it it's so dumb
Sunday 2:49 PM: So was he there?

Friday 2:34 PM: Hey girl!!!!!!! It was seriously sooo good seeing you last night. It had been way too long! So when are we getting lunch?

Tuesday 5:49: Hey I hope all is well and you're having a great week. What are your thoughts on casual sex? I think we gel well. We are both young and life is short. Thoughts?


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