The Top Celebrity Thanksgiving Instagram Posts

Mariah Carey (no longer Cannon) wanted to make sure people remembered she was a bigger diva than Ariana Grande this holiday season, so she chose this casual, bodicon, evening gown. Whenever Mariah tries to be an adult, I really like to watch her mental breakdown on TRL to deflate her ego just a bit.

Michael Phelps somehow managed to take the world's most unflattering selfie. The angle emphasizes his weird head shape (you're not ugly hot if the hot part of your body isn't in the picture). The filter does a great job of highlighting his neck beard. I feel like he should be contractually obligated to always be pictured with a gold medal.

The Kendall (Just Kendall) wanted to remind us that she and Kylie are in fact related and still love each other. If she was honest, she'd be thankful for her make-up artists, her gene pool, and Cara Delevigne. Khloe hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year, so unfortunately her insta was only pics of flowers and food, not a shady tbt to thanksgiving with Lamar pre-crack/stripper scandal. Also the doll in the background is horrifying and really could be North, since Kim is in Dubai and Kanye is a single parent for the week.

Scott Disick fucking won Thanksgiving with this gem. He might have posted it from rehab and Kourtney dumped him, but he's still the best member of that family. Praise the Lord!


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