TomKat Getting Divorced, Adele is Knocked Up

Katie and Tom's contractually obligated marriage is finally over. It's about time. We wonder if it's because Tom keeps Katie locked in his scientology lab other than her allotted releases to go shopping with Suri or if it's because Tom is finally coming out as being the super Gay BFF we all have suspected he's been for years. Regardless, congratulations Joey Potter, we hope Chris Klein is still single and that you and Tom both find love with the right man. As for Suri, we imagine her shopping allowance will be blowing through the roof this month. It's a good time to be this betch's stylist. Read article >>

In other news, Adele is knocked up and said to be in competition with Jessica Simpson for the largest baby bump of 2012. All we have to ask is, who's the daddy, and when should we expect a song about him on the radio? Read Article >>


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