Someone Threw Water At Tomi Lahren And Nobody Knows How To Feel

Welp, it finally happened. Some rando outdid blackout me at brunch and threw water on Tomi Lahren at a restaurant in Minneapolis. With the world being a giant dumpster fire and all, this story is considered news that’s fit to print. But what’s even more surprising is that Tomi Lahren didn’t melt like the Wicked Witch of the West when water was thrown on her. Now, before you come for me in the comments about how I’m being like, such a bitch for comparing Tomi Lahren to a witch, let’s remember that she once literally compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK. Her comparison is more offensive, and karma is the real bitch here, not me. Just saying.

Much like the whole Laurel vs. Yanny debacle, this whole thing has caused quite an uproar on Twitter, and everyone has an opinion about it. Some people think Tomi Lahren deserves to get water thrown on her because of all of the racist, toxic shit she says. Others think that it’s never okay to go as low as throwing a drink on someone just because you disagree with them. Some people hear Yanny, and they’re wrong. Why the fuck would anyone ever be saying Yanny???

Surprise, surprise, Trump found the time during his five hour McDonald’s lunch break busy day to tweet about the whole water throwing saga.[/embed]

Just one note here: I would say “everybody” is a stretch re: being “with Tomi Lahren”, because clearly some people aren’t, i.e. the woman who threw the water, the thousands of people who took to twitter to lol about the whole sitch, etc. etc. Also, imagine being so shitty that nobody can decide whether or not it is okay to throw things at you? Like, for 99.9% of the population that is not a question.

Whether or not you believe it’s okay to throw a beverage at someone, you do have to admire the woman for being economic enough to throw her water and not a drink containing something precious like alcohol. I think that’s something we as a nation can all come together on. Although, not all nations have the luxury of having clean water to just throw away. Also, Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Fuck. Nvm, everything is controversial, byeeeeee!

Update: Since the incident took place, Tomi has posted this sultry American flag selfie on Instagram, so I think it is safe to say she’s gonna be okay:

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Irene Merrow
Irene Merrow
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