This Tomi Lahren Anti-Abortion Movie Is Going To Be The Worst Thing Ever

While Tomi Lauren and Milo Yiannopoulos have technically been getting paid to act for years, thanks to a new pro-life film called Roe v. Wade, it’s unfortunately official. Milo Yiannopoulos, the British right-wing political commentator, will be playing an abortion doctor while Lahren, a product of the white, bleach-blonde women factory at Fox News, will be playing the daughter of Supreme Court Justice David Sopher. According to The Daily Beast, Yiannopoulos will be featured performing 32 abortions in the only scene he has in the film as an “Anglo-Jew from India, with an unusual habit of an awkward giggle at the end of every sentence.” Lahren’s big scene will have her confronting her father as a Planned Parenthood volunteer. Meanwhile, Meryl Streep’s scene will show her crying quietly in the corner at the destruction of her art form. (JK, but a girl can dream).

A story originally published in The Hollywood Reporter from the perspective of Roe v. Wade’s writer-director-producer duo Cathy Allyn and Nick Loeb, said the film documents “the 1973 Supreme Court decision that guaranteed a woman’s right to an abortion” with a “pro-life tilt.” Considering the alt-right leader Yiannopoulos and Trump loyalist Lahren are on board, it’s probably more like a deep dive than a tilt. Several other conservatives have agreed to play Supreme Court justices and other roles including conservative pundit Stacey Dash and actors Jon Voight and Robert Davi. The filming, which has been primarily in New Orleans, is scheduled to wrap July 15.

While all of that is low-key nightmarish, here’s where things get interesting. Cast members have been reportedly bailing on the project in large numbers due to the fact that the filmmakers have been misrepresenting the film’s true content. A crew member said, “When people finally receive the script, they’ve dropped out really fast. After people started dropping out, they said, ‘OK, don’t send people the scripts anymore.” I’m not sure how to tell this film crew that eventually actors have to read the script. Maybe they’re hoping they can just edit a bunch of out-of-order sentences together like my eighth grade video production project?

Not only the actors are dropping, though. Most of the filming was taking place at Tulane University, until the school discovered the message of the film and kicked them off the premises. The original director and assistant director dropped out on the first day of filming, as well as a costumer, location manager, and several other crew members the second they learned they were about to make an anti-abortion propaganda flick with the production quality of a Lifetime Christmas movie. As for Lahren and Yiannopoulos, a crew member reported that nobody knew they were even on board and “somebody requested that no pictures of them be up” in the production office. Hate to break it to you Lauren and Milo, but we’re all going to find out about this movie, and we’re all going to host viewing parties that benefit Planned Parenthood. 

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Betcher In The Rye
Betcher In The Rye
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