Ungrateful Tom Ford Outbid Jay Z And Beyoncé On A Mansion

How does that one Jay Z song go? Oh yeah—“I don’t pop molly I rock Tom Ford.” Right now, Jay Z might be wishing he hadn’t spent so much money on Tom Ford’s clothes, because it just cost him a new house.

Bey and Jay have been on the hunt for a new home in Los Angeles, and they had finally found the perfect one. Only problem is, they got outbid by Tom Ford. Reportedly, Ford’s offer on the Beverly Hills mansion was $50 million, but Bey and Jay only offered $49 million. It must suck to be so rich that your $49 million offer on a house isn’t even the highest one.

For now, Beyoncé and Jay Z will have to keep looking around, but at least this isn’t as embarrassing as 2014, when they got outbid on a house by the guy who created fucking Minecraft.

Head up, Beyoncé, your perfect mansion is out there somewhere.


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