TLC Cancels 19 Kids And Counting

Just when you almost forgot about the whole Josh Duggar molestation scandal, TLC announced they were (finally) cancelling 19 Kids and Counting and won't renew it for its 11th season. In its place, TLC will be airing a one-hour documentary on child molestation, which has got to be the fastest 180 move I have ever seen. The documentary is aimed to raise awareness about sexual abuse and will include participation from Jill and Jessa Dugger, just when you thought TLC couldn't exploit the families on their network anymore than they already do.

TLC group President Marjorie Kaplan said of the decision, “We took it as an opportunity to step further than 'How do we protect ourselves?' and step into 'How do we protect our audience and protect children?'” Translation: “We had to do some major fucking damage control and this is the best way to not look like we support child molesters.” I've got to hand it to their PR company, though. A strategic (if incredibly obvious) move. TLC is partnering with RAINN and Darkness to Light so hopefully this documentary will be handled delicately and with grace, unlike 100% of TLC's current programming.

This move, combined with the recent premier of “I Am Jazz” proves TLC is really upping its branding efforts to solidify itself as “not that shitty anymore.” I hope this also includes the cancellation of Something Borrowed, Something New, because that show sucks.


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